The New AGE Concept

New AGE is a design program for developing therapeutic recreational facilities in conjunction with attractive greenscapes. The concept originated within the green industry where recreation areas are designed for golf courses and sports fields. While community park and recreation areas are often targeted to teenagers and young adults, the New AGE program is specifically focused on improving the health and quality of life of older adults who are living independently, in retirement communities, or in convalescent facilities, providing a green alternative to indoor health clubs and physical therapy settings.

The New AGE concept is significantly advanced beyond the historical design of parks in that each facility will provide an enriched environment that is designed to maximize the physical well being of aging adults. Our goal is to create physical activity facilities that are friendly, attractive, and effective green environments that provide opportunities for strengthening, stretching and flexing, along with cardiovascular conditioning.

The design, building, and testing of active green environments requires a multidisciplinary approach, utilizing the expertise of horticulturists, landscape architects, environmental engineers, health care professionals, and kinesiologists.

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